Client Agree product, pricing, financing, implementation and administrative functions


- Sourcing risk financing facility and Re-insurance protection
- Sourcing process deliver i.e. – call centre, administration, incident management and customer satisfaction index performance measurement


Managing profitability of the risk financing programme and process delivery, trends and simulations


Reporting risk financing programme performance. Advising clients on improvements. Enhancements of the customer retention programmes and measuring effectiveness.


Our client include:

- Major retial groups
- Major church groups
- Estat agents groups
- Security companies
- Trade unions and associations
- Vehicle monitoring companies
- Multi level marketing groups
- Rural/Tribal communities
- Students/Scholars
- Assistance services clients (legal advice, road assist, ambulances, etc.)
- Supporters clubs
- Equipment lease/rental (office etc) companies
- Bank/Retail


Examples of Implemented Services and Products:
- Tyre warranty
- Warranties and extended warranties
- Home warranty
- Motor warranty
- Alarm/Gate motor warranty, Brown, Grey and white goods computers etc. warranties
- Cell phone warranties


Assistance policies:

- Road assist
- Home assist
- Legal assist
- Maintenance contracts - (Motor, Home and Office)
- Repatriation of mortal remains
- Security guard develoyment/post burglary
- Ambulance services
- Cancer policies
- Retrenchment benefit policies
- Deductible/excess buy down policies (motor/house insurance, geyser, etc)
- Loss of rent protection policies

Insurance policies:
- Funeral policies
- Stated benefits policies
- Personal Accident policies
- Commuter travel policies
- Medical assist policies
- Accident and injury policies
- Credit Life policies
- Cell phone insurance policies
- Personal computer Insurance
- Personal document insurance


- Waterleak Insurance for households (underground leaks)
- Lost card protection (Bank/retail cards)
- Loyalty programmes (discounts from suppliers for club members)(cellphone airtime discounts)
- Tourism product/services (combination of above “Peace of mind”)
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