LionHeart Risk Management have the ability to provide our clients with customer retention and turnover growth solutions, within the framework of your business philosophy and strategy.



LionHeart Risk Management (Pty) Ltd

LionHeart is a niche Risk Financing Consultancy Company incorporated since 2001 specializing in Risk Financing and re-insurance structures for “customer protection”/”Peace of mind” products and services for corporate client's customers. Financial services, products and services such as credit life, funeral, personal accident warranties, extended warranties, maintenance products, loyalty programmes and other predictable risks (low severity high volume claims) insurance products/services.

We arrange risk transfer facilities with recognized Insurers.

Risk financing facilities (cell captives) are set-up with shareholders agreements with our clients with underwriting surplus distribution for the benefit of our clients and their customers.

Clients receives monthly income, cash flow and balance sheet, financial statement from our Risk Finance facility provider.

LionHeart will provide and manage the facility on behalf of the customer base owner/broker.

The Business

LionHeart Risk Management are developers, managers and risk financing consultants to corporate clients, generating additional income streams and/or budget protection programmes through initiatives such as:

- Short and long term insurance products
- Loyalty Programmes
- Value added products
- Bad debt protection products
- Maintenance and Service Plans
- Warranties and Extended Warranties

The Process

Design, Development and Pricing are done in conjunction with our client, customer loyalty “Peace of Mind” products/services to differentiate our client products/services from competitors, achieving a competitive advantage to build loyal customers and attract new customers

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